Improved shower drains

If you are moving or just looking to improve the quality of your life in your own home, then you should know that the shower drains are the first you need to be changing. Usually, people tend to dismiss them as being the least important when moving or changing things around the house. And this is where they are wrong – because they do so, they invest, later on, more time and money than they would have thought.

The drains, whether they are traditional ones or linear ones, are the ones which help you without even known. Just imagine going to work and taking your morning shower, only to see that the water is overflowing. Or just imagine coming from work and wanting to take a long and relaxing bath, only to be annoyed by the rancid smell of the stagnant water. Your shower and bathing experience can be ruined – so you can say goodbye to the most relaxing moments of the day.

This is how important the shower drains are. Don’t leave them to be the last, because they are as important as anything else in your home.

So what choice should you make? You can go for the readymade shower room floors, which have the shower drain already incorporated in them. But this isn’t what you want, because it is simply not cost-effective. Sure enough, they are one of the cheapest alternative. However, when needing to call a plumber or replacing the old drain system, you will have to replace the entire shower room floor.

You can also go for the traditional point drain systems, which are found in most of the homes – round or square holes which collect the water, everybody knows what they are and where they are placed. And this is the biggest issues with them, besides not being able to manage larger volumes of water and clogging pretty easily.

They are very clearly visible since they are, as said, holes in the middle of the shower room floor. Plus, they are also much more difficult to install, since the floor should have a concentric inclination towards them.

So what do you have left? What kind of shower drains are the best for your home? Tips…

The answer is pretty simple: the linear shower drain, or the channel drains. These are narrow and long profiles which need to be installed either in the corner of the shower room floor, either beside one of the walls. In this way, the shower room floor needs to be tilted just in one direction.

Then we can also say that they are very inconspicuous, thus adding to the aesthetics of the room. Depending on their length, they will be hardly visible – unless you want them to be. They are very difficult to clog, since they collect the impurities on a larger area. For the same reason, they are capable of handling much larger volumes of water than the traditional point ones.

And then you can personalize them in any way that you want it – from the material they are made to the gratings (if you want to have them) to even LED lighting and personalized inscriptions. You will be in the home you have always wanted to be, where water doesn’t become trapped beneath the tiles and where you won’t have to worry about water overflowing.

The channel shower drains are the best modern solution for any house owner. So come and check out our varied offer and tell us how we can personalize your new purchase. Come and you will find everything that you need with us!