Prolonging the life of the swimming pool filter pump

While there are plenty of models of swimming pools on the market, most of these rely on one kind of filter pump – the sand filter pump. Robust and easy to install, reliable and low maintenance, such pumps have a life expectancy of 5 years. And this might seem too little, considering that it is one of the best technologies out there. It isn’t so, because you won’t have to change it even after more than 5 years have passed.

Being very low maintenance, the life of this type of filter pump can be prolonged by anybody, with just a few simple steps. The whole process, which will be detailed in here, is easy to follow and it is called backwashing – just like the name suggests, it is about reversing the flow of water and clearing all the impurities from the sand filter pump. If it sounds to be a very easy task to perform, then you should know that it is indeed as easy as it sounds.

These pumps come in two models: the T handle one and the multiport one. But, as far as backwashing is concerned, the process is basically the same. First of all, you need to turn off the pump and stop the flow of water – in this way, the impurities will remain still. Then you need to turn the handle from the filtering position to the backwashing one – in this way, when the water will flow again, the impurities will be cleared.Prolonging the life of the swimming pool filter pump

After turning the handle, turn the pump back on – and make sure that the impurities don’t end up in the pool again. Leave the water to flow for about 3 minutes or so – it should be more than enough to eliminate all the impurities. When the water becomes crystal clear once again, turn off the pump, turn the handle to the filtering position, and then turn the pump back on.

Of course, it may not work from the first try, especially if you haven’t backwashed before. And if that happens, just repeat the process a couple of times. The sand filter pump should be ready to use afterwards.

A clear sign that something is wrong isn’t necessarily given by the presence of impurities. The high pressure of water is also a sign that there may be something wrong, even if you have backwashed several times. In this case, you might just need to change the sand from the pump. And this is also a simple task to perform.

Purchase the correct type of sand (which can be found on the filter label), some basic tools (such as a screwdriver, PVC glue, fittings and very rarely a hacksaw) and that is about all. You will also need long sleeves and gloves, since there is fibre glass inside the pump – just open it (or, when needed, cut it with the hacksaw), scoop the sand from inside, replace it, and return everything in its original position.

So, even if 5 years will pass, you won’t have to change your sand filter pump. Truly, this is the best alternative on the market – low maintenance, robust, reliable, and with a much higher life expectancy that believed.